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Save CDBG: Message from the Executive Director

NCDA Dear CDBG Practitioners,

Our core program - CDBG - is under assault. The House Republican leadership has recommended a 63% cut to CDBG as part of the FY11 Continuing Resolution. This recommendation would decrease CDBG to its lowest level ever - $1.5 billion. This assault continues into the FY12 budget year with the Administration recommending a 7.5% cut to the program, which will undoubtedly be followed by more draconian cuts in the House.

As a former mayor, county official, and the Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development at HUD, I know the importance of CDBG at the local level to local budgets and to the low- and moderate-income households served by the program. But for CDBG, many projects centered around public services, infrastructure, housing rehabilitation, and economic development would not be funded locally. Local budgets are tight and have been for years. Without CDBG, local budgets do not have the resources to fund the aforementioned activities at a meaningful level.

The Community Development Block Grant program has been one of the great success stories in government for over 35 years-a program that delivers what it is supposed to deliver and more. That's the good news.

The bad news is some people who perhaps haven't heard the success stories and seen the faces behind those successes see the program as an easy target for budget cuts, if not outright elimination.

We need you to be proactive in railing against cuts to CDBG in FY11 and FY12. We have compiled a list of actions for you to undertake to defeat this effort to cut CDBG. Those action items are listed on the NCDA website at We need you to engage your local partners in this fight. Your CDBG subrecipients and beneficiaries will be critical to reinforcing the importance of CDBG to your congressional members. Your local press needs to be activated to communicate the message of the good works of the program and the need to preserve its funding.

I can assure you that your NCDA staff here in Washington will continue to take the message and fight to Capitol Hill but we need you to send a strong message from back home that these proposed cuts or elimination of CDBG are unacceptable.

Cardell Cooper
Executive Director
National Community Development Association

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