National Community Development Association : CDBG Support Letter
CDBG Coalition

CDBG Support Letter

We, the undersigned national, state, and local organizations, write to express our support for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and urge you to appropriate at least $3.3 billion in formula funding for the program in FY 2018. CDBG is critical to state and local networks in providing funding for public improvements, public services, economic development, and affordable housing. CDBG provides State and local governments and their partners with the flexibility needed to develop essential programs and projects to assist low- and moderate-income families. For over 40 years, CDBG has served as the cornerstone of the federal government's commitment to partnering with states and local governments to strengthen our nation's communities and improve the quality of life for low- and moderate-income Americans.

Since FY 2001, CDBG formula funding has been reduced by $1.4 billion, from $4.4 billion in FY 2001 to $3.0 billion in FY 2016. These cuts reverberate throughout local communities; hurting low- and moderate-income people including seniors, children, veterans, and working families. A recent survey conducted by the CDBG Coalition found that cuts to CDBG has reduced the number of small businesses assisted and, thus job creation at the local level, provided less funding for seniors (e.g., Meals on Wheels food assistance, housing rehabilitation assistance to allow seniors to age in place, and capital improvements to senior centers), less veterans assistance (e.g., housing, services, employment/job training), less assistance to children (e.g., after school programs for low-income children, day care assistance for working families), and canceled and delayed public improvements. According to the majority of communities who responded to the CDBG Coalition survey, they receive far more applications for funding than can be met with their current CDBG allocation; with most estimating that over half of the funding requests received are not funded. CDBG plays a vital role in addressing the needs of communities and in providing the government funding that attracts significant private investment. State and local jurisdictions cannot afford further reductions to the program.

We urge you to support state and local governments and their partners and the communities they serve by reversing the tide of CDBG program cuts and providing an appropriation of at least $3.3 billion for the program in FY 2018.


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